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Here at Wandsworth Radio, our biggest priority is serving our community and that means we are always happy to hear from you. So whether that’s praise for your favourite show, something you’d like us to cover, questions about what we do or feedback on anything you’ve heard on the station please get in touch using the form below.

We are committed to constantly evolving and improving our service to further benefit the whole of our community, therefore we take all forms of feedback seriously without any bias or prejudice.  If you would you like to receive a specific response to your message from a member of the management team at Wandsworth Radio please request this in the text below and we commit to a written response by email being provided within 28 days of receipt.  If this response does not satisfy your query then you are invited to appeal for a further response from the Director of Wandsworth Radio.

If your feedback relates to something specific from when you’ve been listening to Wandsworth Radio, please include the date and time you’re referring to within your message.